Kiki The Monkey (Free Pattern)

Please note that this is a Free Pattern (PDF file), not the actual toy. This crochet pattern contains a detailed description of how to create Kiki The Monkey.


- Size approx: 12 cm
- Yarn: Sport or Dk light weight yarn.
- Hook: 2,5mm

If you have any question about this pattern, do not hesitate to contact me via the following channels:

It would be great to see your work, so please share a photo with me on Instagram by hashtag #AquariwoolCrochet or #Aquariwool and tag me @Aquariwool.


  • Maria Valéria Pedão Cavelanho

    Gostaria do padrão do macaquinho em PDF. Por favor

  • Razika

    Please guide me to fix the hax to head. Hat seems little bigger

  • Sharon Venter

    I love your patterns.

    I am busy with KiKi the monkey but my hat is too big. What am I doing wrong 🌹

  • Ieda

    Lindo padrão! Como conseguir esse PDF? 😘

  • Shirley

    Hi, trying your pattern but noticed your hat is still big. You mentioned in your Instagram post that you made changes… what were they and how can i fix without frogging?
    Its super cute. Hoping you can help.


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